Dee Randis is available for appointments Monday through Saturday by appointment.
Cindy Pavelec is available for readings by appointment.
Crazy Bear is available by appointment only.
Karen D. Cote is available by appointment only.
Marie Ida is available by appointment only.

Our Psychic Parties are the first Saturday of every month 11-5pm.
Held At Home Base Office 24 Country Drive, Watertown, CT.

"DEE RANDIS": is an Astrologer, Clairvoyant, Tarot reader, Numerology, Past life readings.  Dee has been reading for over 35 years and is the owner of the
Metaphysical Center of Watertown, CT. Using the Astrology Wheel as a tool, Dee can interpret where you are at a given time and help you with decisions that
you need to make according to whatever personal problems you may be dealing with. Psychological blocks can be determined by planetary positions in your
chart and being made aware of those blocks can help you become stronger by releasing those blocks in your life. Dee can also connect with your spirit guides
through your chart when they want to come through in order to give you advice or messages. She can give you an example of past lives as well, using the
planetary transits and numerology to determine the years of past lives in order to assist you with lessons that come from long ago and still linger.   

ED "CRAZY BEAR": is a medium who speaks to spirit guides only when they want to come in he claims. Crazy Bear has been reading at the Metaphysical and
Holistic Center for over 15 years. He offers psychic circles once or twice a year at the Metaphysical Center. He sometimes speaks in symbolic message that
only you may be able to connect with. Crazy Bear has a spiritual connection with the Native Americans and also works with totem animals that come through
during his readings.

"CINDY PAVELEC" is a Tarot reader and a Reiki Master. She became interested in Metaphysics as a teenager and as she became an adult she realized that
her intuition had heightened. She uses the Spiral Tarot Deck and the astrological spread. Cindy teaches Meditation Classes and is certified on Level 1 and 2 of
Energy Meditation through Jadwig Pylak of Soul Support Systems. Cindy also teaches Reiki at the Metaphysical Center.

"MICHELE BABIJ" is a medium that can connect to the other side.  She can use a pendulum to scan your energy and pick up clairvoyantly what may be going
on in your life.

"KAREN COTE" BS, RMT, CHT. has been intuitive as far back as she can remember. As a psychic reader, Karen specializes in Celtic Wisdom Tarot,
Psychometry (bring photos with you or items belonging to the individual) Shamanic Castings, Celtic Castings, Skrying, Crystallomance, Geomancy,
Mediumship, Channeling, Spirit Guide connections, Animal Communications (Bring a photo of your pet), Shamanic extraction, healing, soul retrieval, divination
and Psycho Pomp work.  She is currently a Shamanic Minister, a Reiki Master/Teacher, a certified Hypnotherapist and an artist.  She has a BS degree in
education from Southern Connecticut State University, is a Shamanic Minister of The Circle Of The Sacred Earth, a member of the American Board of
Hypnotherapy, a member of the International Association of Reiki Practitioners, a member of the CT Holistic Health Association and is certified for hospice
work through the Twilight Brigade. She teaches at a local hospital and volunteers her services at an area hospital and hospice program. She has her own private
practice in Bristol called "THE WELL

MARIE IDA is a Medium and Tarot Reader.  She simply feels your energy and can see clearly what you may be going through and what you have experienced
in the past.  Her calm demeanor is soothing as she reads for you.  She is also a healer and can pick up any negative energy that may be around you or attached.
Marie will be reading from the home office of Dee Randis.

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