Dee Randis has been an Astrologer for over 40 years. Her expertise is Natal Astrology,
which is the study of her client’s personality and their potential ability. She studied under
the finest, taking classes and workshops with Robert  Hand, Noel Tyl, Isabell Hickey,
Joanna Shannon, Joan Negus and her mentor, “Sharon Thomas King.” Dee has lectured
throughout the USA and Internationally using her sense of humor as an extra feature.  She
was one of the first Astrologers to read at a psychic fair on the Island of St. Martin
through "Crystal Light Visions"and has lectured and read on the Royal Majesty Cruise
Lines.   Dee was the television hostess on Cable 5's "Mindscapes Show for over 10 years
and opened The Metaphysical/Holistic Center in 1989.  She teaches Astrology through the
Center and has taught Astrology through the adult education program in Torrington,
Connecticut.  Dee claims teaching astrology is a learning experience, "I learn a great deal
from my students." She is certified through the
N.C.G.R. out of New York City in Levels 1 and 2 and passed the 1st half of Level 3.  She is
also a member of
The Astrological Society of CT. Dee has created a unique way of reading
for clients by incorporating her knowledge of astrology, numerology, tarot and
clairvoyance, resulting in a very profound prediction of past, present and future events.   
She starts with recognizing her client’s psychological blocks and helps her client work
towards a positive outcome.  Dee claims that her introduction through Noel Tyl's opinions
of early environmental blocks has helped her with a better understanding of her clients
needs.  Her long career in Astrology has given her a respect for the cycles of planetary
returns which she claims are a good resource for predicting for her clients. Karma is a big
part of her readings also with letting her client know what their biggest stumbling block
may be for them based on their past life unfinished business.  She can give her clients
examples of what some of their past lives may have been connected to, and can help her
clients make their decisions based on where their planets are at the present time and what
they can expect from those decisions. Dee resides in Watertown, CT. with her husband
Ed.   She has 14grandchildren and enjoys gardening and antiquing in her free time.